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Starting young – Enterprise education

Across the EU there are plenty of great examples of support offered to young entrepreneurs to support them in their journey and enable them to succeed: this personal success bringing with it benefits beyond the individual – jobs created, positive impact on the national economy and potentially greater profile as an international business.

These young entrepreneurs have taken a brave step, a step that they have been encouraged to take and the first on what may be an career. However for many of these young entrepreneurs they are starting from scratch without experience in running a business, basic financial awareness and the ability to conduct realistic, valuable and honest research which is singularly indicative as a success gauge – those who have done appropriate research will not push forward with an unfeasible business.

A new innovators generation is coming

We all hope the upcoming generation will surpass their predecessor as innovators, entrepreneurs and wealth creators, in order to give them the best chance, there must be a commitment to practical, engaging and motivational enterprise education that begins in some manifestation on the first day of school.

In the UK a report has just been published titled “Enterprise for All – the relevance of enterprise in education” which provides some practical recommendations which aim to achieve “a lifelong experience of enterprise in education which is Captive, Continuous and Coherent.”

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These recommendations are a useful starting point for any organisation or state interested in exploring how they can generate the next larger cohort of young entrepreneurs with the experience, skill and commitment to thrive in the international business community. This is not to say they are a prescriptive solution, the variation across EU countries and the communities within them is vast, but taking a conscious decision to investigate what is fitting is a necessary first step.

Anyone with the opportunity to involve themselves with education in any context, we urge you embrace it. The value you can provide to individuals can build the foundations of real opportunities for all young people that are part of an education system that applies itself to a strong academic education alongside experience and engagement preparing them for life in the real world – whatever it may hold for them.

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Co-working in Italy – Trends and models

Co-working is a relatively new phenomenon in Italy. Strictly connected with the new philosophy of social innovation, social enterprise, crowd and sharing economy (sharing skills, ideas, projects not just spaces) and the economic crisis (the need to reduce costs by cutting office rent), it has been profoundly influenced by other European experiences, primarily those coming from UK and Germany.

First co-working experiences have been created 2-3 years ago, they were all related to the most popular co-working network, now called IMPACT HUB.

Current trends are in line with the rest of Europe where, between 2011 and 2012, the number of co-working spaces doubled.

An Italian co-working space.

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