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To market, to market!

ie smart virtual gameWhen trading in virtual animated stock exchange markets becomes an innovative way to present your business ideas

Have you always wanted to be a guru of investments? Knowing all about stocks, bids, equities and trades, in a relaxed, light
and fun way?

“Welcome to the SmartXchange Stock Market, a virtual game that supports innovative business ideas to grow and be the most competitive in the SmartXchange market.” This is the motto of an interactive game created by a Portuguese consultancy company, INOVA+ that defies users to learn about sound investments, derivative trading, leverage and even short-selling.

To enter the game is very simple: any potential entrepreneur should present an innovative business plan of the start-up company that automatically enters the market. Then other users start bidding according to the relevance of the start-up profile. The entertainment is guaranteed, although real money is not.

José Barros, developer of the SmartXchange game, highlights that “this is a game that brings closer together entrepreneurs working on their business models with market investors eager to find ideas, which can be successful in the real world. By simulating reality in this virtual competition, players are prone to have a risk-taking attitude, which will lead to business model refinements validated by market data. In the end, it is our intention that entrepreneurs will have stronger business models and greater confidence in their business ideas.

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