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The “Mikromezzaninfonds-Deutschland”

A banking funding opportunity for start-up in Germany


The creation of a start-up requires the use of banking funding opportunities through for instance mezzanine funding which consists of debt capital enabling high return in compensation for the high risk level of investment.  The mezzanine capital allows companies to get even more leverage and thus finance larger transactions.

This kind of funding method is not common in Germany yet. That is why the “Mikromezzaninfond-Deutschland” (MDD) was created by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) in 2013 in order to provide SME’s, start-ups and entrepreneurs an access to such funding opportunities. Partly financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), the MDD especially targets social and environment-friendly companies which are set up by woman, former job seekers or people with a migration background.

The application file can be submitted any time to the Mittelständischen Beteiligungsgesellschaft of the federal state where the investment is supposed to take place. A company can be financed with the amount of 50 000 Euro within 10 years. The loan should be paid back in 3 equal annual rates during the last 3 years.

Further information about this funding opportunity are available here

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Start-up funding in Germany

The KFW provides attractive funding opportunities for start-up coaching!


Since 2007 the ESF-project “Gründercoaching Deutschland” has helped tens of thousands of start-ups on their way to develop a sustainable business plan and to succeed on the open market. The program has been administrated by the KFW since the funding period 2007 to 2013 and will continue until the end of the current period (2014 to 2020).
In the framework of this project, the KFW offers attractive possibilities for the funding of business founders coaching. It provides a partial payment for professional coaching for those who are setting up their own business. New freelancers can receive up to 3000 euro for professional counseling as a public support in order to become a competitive business company. The funding is especially designed to help female founders, migrants and those who can count on family-friendly working conditions. In general, the coaching should provide skills in economic, financial or organizational affairs to optimize one’s abilities to compete on the open market with accompany recently set-up.
The Credit Institute for Reconstruction (Kreditinstitut Für Wiederaufbau) is a public-law institution and is subordinated to the German Ministry of Finances. The funding bank is in charge of many different kinds of public funding. Among other things they offer credits for small and medium-sized companies, infrastructures, house building or financing power efficient technologies.


In the “new” German states (except for Berlin and the Region of Leipzig), the public funding ratio is 75 percent of the consulting fee. In the old federal states of Germany including Berlin and the region of Leipzig the fund is 50 percent of the consulting-fee.
• The net price of the coaching must not be higher than 4000 Euros.
• The wage per hour must not be higher than 100 Euros.
• The coaching should not be longer than 8 hours.
• The start-up needs to be kicked off during the last 2 years.
All in all the KFW provides a highly recommendable funding opportunity for company founders. The program (“Gründercoaching Deutschland”) will help recently created start-ups to improve their competitiveness and to develop a profitable business plan.

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