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The success story of “”, German famous online book retailer

Over the last twenty years, the e-commerce has continuously grown due to the increasing use of the Internet. The start-up InternetstoresAG is one of the most remarkable success in Germany, where the greatest e-commerce customer potential within Europe is to be found.

Created in 1995, was one of the first online bookshop and initiated the first digital book databank in Germany. The main challenge for this start-up was to foster the online sale of books while the use of the internet remained largely unknown by that time, so that the target group was still narrow. Nevertheless, managed to establish itself as a pioneer in e-commerce by becoming one of the most important booksellers in Germany. Within the last twenty years, significantly extended its product range in compliance with the new trends: e-books, audiobooks, DVD, and so on.

In 2011, its founder Michael Urban was awarded Gründer des Jahrzehnts – “founder of the decade” – as a result of an online voting organized by Grü, a German online magazine primarily intended for entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups. More precisely, Mr. Urban got the recognition of the public by receiving the audience award (16 000 voters) with more than 1000 votes ahead of his 25 competitors.

As an accomplishment of its expansionist policy, finally merged with Thalia Holding GmbH – the book market leader in the German-speaking countries – in March 2015.

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