Changing careers in the creative sector – A bulgarian case study

This article is initially aimed at creative practitioners who are most likely be producers looking to improve their ability to bring their products to market and use appropriate networks effectively.

It is also aimed at stimulating and supporting small creative industries to develop their possibilities to run creative businesses, even if their inclination and skills do not suit the entrpreneurial path.

The aim is to make them self-sufficient and help them on the road to fulfilling their entrepreneurial ambitions. We are trying to navigate and stimulate small businesses in the creative sector by sharing knowledge, expertise and best practice.

Who is she?

“Hello, my name is Svetlana Mutafchieva from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and I’m an interior designer. I also make jewellery and love restoring old furniture.”

She graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, in Sofia, in 2009, where she specialized Interior and Design for the Architecture. That has been her profession since then. Her first paid interior project was for a friend of a friend. But it did work well. The client liked the final result and recommended her to another client and so things got started. Since then it’s been some apartment interiors, a coffee bar extravagant interior, some clients wanting only a room or two…

“Small but interesting projects, full of challenges.In most cases it was necessary to design a piece of furniture because there is nothing suitable on the market or it’s just too specific for the given place.”

From furniture to jewelley

So she started to design and make furniture. For example a client, who had a very small space available, asked for a small and inconspicuous dining table, enough for two people. The tricky part was that the table should have been able to unfold enough to be comfortable for the entire group of friends and relatives. A tough task! But that’s how she created the table sized 60/90sm, which became 180/180sm unfolded was created. Plenty of room for everybody!

“In an interior project, either native style or just eclectic, it is sometimes necessary to restore some old hardwood furniture, so it can be used again. Time has the ability to hide those beautiful wood colours and patterns. With the proper treatment those pieces of furniture could be turned into marvelous feast for the eye.”

In the following slideshow (Source photos: Svetlana Mutafchieva), you can see some works of Svetlana:


When a hobby becomes a job

In her spare time, between the projects, she loved to make small figurines of polymer clay, which she used for gifts to friends and relatives. With the time, thanks to those people, that hobby has become jewellery making for clients.

All those occupations give her the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and materials, as well as meet new people and just make them happy. She uses her creative skills in a more generalized way to develop her own business and product lines.

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