Coworking spaces in France – A case study from Paris

In the past days, we talked with Basil Samson, co-founder of Studio Singuliers, a coworking space situated within the Paris Région Innovation Nord Express incubator. This coworking space can accommodate from 30 to 40 coworkers to enjoy a very dynamic business environment. With Basil we discussed about the creation of a coworking space in Paris and what are the goals he achieved with his coworking space.

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Hi Basil, first question for you: how does the idea of creating a coworking space in Paris came up into your mind?

Hi guys ! The idea of creating a coworking space came with the nature of our jobs. We are three independent designers/graphic artists. A coworking place was a way to answer our needs first. The idea came up progressively. Working from home can be an obstacle to the development of our activities. We all had to deal with the same issues: lack of infrastructures, of logistics, small networks etc. Our idea converged with some other people wishes and, more generally, was the reflect of an evolution in the French society.

A part of Studio Singuliers, coworking space in Paris. (Source:

How could you define your coworking space?

Coworkers have desks, storage rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen, living room and a garden. We offer Internet connection, office automation services and a professional network.

But, beside the economical and practical aspect, the symbolic value is very strong. Our space permits to fight professional isolation and to gather different professional skills by organizing meetings (formal or non-formal). A nice atmosphere allows exchanges.

Moreover, a coworking space allows coworkers to separate work-life aspects of their lives and to channel their stress.

What is really important is the localization of our space ? Well, it is located in a building gathering 80 starts-ups. It is therefore really professional. We also really want to make people coming from different backgrounds meet. The idea to gather complementary skills is really important to us.

Today, do you think that you have successfully achieved your goals?

Studio Singuliers is a very good tool to develop our own activity as designers/graphic artists. It empowered us and we are now able to deal with bigger projects than before. But, like every tool, its technical sophistication must be continuously improved. The creation of the space and its opening is not the end of the story, this actually a whole process, an engagement to bigger projects. Later, we want to let the people who are working here manage the space and continue with several cooperation all around the world. We want to continue thinking about the relationship between human beings and his entourage. We want that our work stay in connection with human, environmental and economical issues.

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