Entrepreneurial education – Non-formal training case study in France

After the post about non-formal training programs on entrepreneurship in Bulgaria, we continue our trip accross the world of entrepreneurship education meeting Hanna el Hadi, a girl who followed a non-formal training program on entrepreneurship in France.

Hey Hanna, could you introduce yourself and your educational path in few words, please?

Hey! My name is Hanna. I have graduated high school with a sciences specialization. Then I went during two years in a preparatory school because I wanted to integrate an engineer school to work in the environment field. I managed to integrate it and I was therefore able to study environment management.

Do you plan to create a business or take over a company in the next coming years?

No, it is not in my plans for now.

A moment of entrepreneurial education with non-formal training in France. Source: proentre.studiodomino.com

During your educational experience, did you have any training about entrepreneurship?

I had some interaction with professionals who had, or not, created their own businesses but I didn’t have a dedicated course on this topic. It was however possible to choose courses about subjects such as start-up creation but I didn’t. I have participated in some campaigns to raise awareness about enterprises’ issues such as working and hiring disabled people or corporate social responsibility but nothing about entrepreneurship strictly.

Did you experience a non-formal training about entrepreneurship?

In May 2014, I had a training course about entrepreneurship during which we were taught about how to create a business, difficulties dealing with that challenge, necessities to share about your project… But it was still very general. This training was organized by E-Seniors association in cooperation with an entrepreneur. It was very interesting to see how to plan and create a start-up, the importance of planning early stages and to deal with unexpected issues.

I also participated in a Youth in Action program organized by E-Juniors about creativity in entrepreneurship and its importance in the realization of a project. It was really interesting since all participants came from different backgrounds and countries and, therefore, had different way to approach a topic. We had several workshops to think together about these issues. It was great.

We thank very much Hanna for her testimony, wishing Hanna good luck for all her projects.

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