Entrepreneurship Support Program In Turkey

Entrepreneurship in Turkey

In general, entrepreneur is the expression with which we define the person who undertakes risk, so as to profit.

An entrepreneur is someone who brings together production items under the best condition to make goods or produce services, in order to satisfy others needs.
The three basic factor that characterize an entrepreneur are: ability, courage and knowledge.
If we look at entrepreneurship in wider context, an entrepreneur should satisfy these factors :

• Must trust himself and be the person who is trusted at the same time
• Can give up and start again
• Can evaluate results and undertake occupational risks.
• Must be creative
• Must be courageous
• Must be individual and social at the same time
• Must be optimistic
• Must be directed towards success
• Must benefit from opportunity
• Must be open to innovations
• Must be someone who loves his job

Speaking of KOBİ enterprise for exemple, according to information resulting from researches, it is possible to sort the characteristics of company’s organization in this way:

• They have powerfull sense of enterprise
• They desire to work independently
• They want to benefit from financial opportunities
• They invest in social aims
• They pursue a goal to employ their family members
• They want to struggle with their own ability
• They expect quick and tangible results.

We can understand that the owner of KOBİ has features related to entrepreneurship, such as the desire to work independently and struggle with their own ability. However the company is lacking to receptiveness to innovations.

To find out more about the Entrepreneurship Support Program , read the PDF here : Entrepreneurship Support Program In Turkey


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