An exceptional and unique collaboration of 12 organisations coming from 10 European countries has allowed the creation of the present Model that can be used by individual entrepreneurs and start-up communities of all types – small/large, online/physical, entrepreneurially developed or otherwise. The Model reflects, in a condensed way, the best practices in different areas such as co-working spaces, seed finance and incubation, entrepreneurship education and academic entrepreneurship, the use of networks and the policies to support entrepreneurs and start-ups, across the different participating countries. Further dissemination work is being operated by all partners at their national level so that the Model can reach out a wider audience such as Entrepreneur/Start-Up support organisations, Incubators, Co-working supporters, Business Accelerators, individual Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs networks, Start-Ups and Start-Ups networks, Angel Investors, Community managers, Sponsor organisations, Governments and Councils, Entrepreneurship Training Providers, etc. The Model is available to all.
The Model should be used as practical flexible guidance, each of its components can be read separately depending of the area of interest, either by a young entrepreneur who needs tips at the early stage of his/her business creation or by education actors willing to develop entrepreneurship education in their country further. Moreover, the Model should be a roadmap for young people in Europe, who can learn new models of entrepreneurial ecosystems to develop their business ideas, get an overview of supporting offers, get linked to institutions/organizations that give support and get more knowledge about the start-up conditions in different countries.

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