Trust, the word that will save young entrepreneurs in tourism

Sabri Kuçukdurmus is a young Turkish entrepreneur involved in the field of tourism with his agency, Jolly Tour. He was born in 1990 in Konya, a city in the Central Anatolia region. He lives there with his wife and they have a child. He graduated from Vocational High School of Tourism and Aydın Didim Vocational School, department of Tourism, Travel and Agency. He has been working in tourism sector for 8 years. He has been the owner of a tourism agency for 8 months. Besides, He is a member of administrative board of TURSAB (association of Turkish Travel Agencies) and a member of Active Businessmen Association. He is fond of working in the area of Tourism. In his spare time, he loves playing Football and watching it. Further, he likes spending time with his family.


Sabri Kuçukdurmus in his office in the city of Kunya, Turkey

He thinks that young entrepreneurs should be supported and it is necessary to smooth the way for them, for that we did him some questions about his experience as a young entrepreneur to understand how the situation is for young tourism entrepreneurs.

Hi Sabri, welcome to the Stupcom blog. Please describe your job
Well, we provide the transfer of Turkish guests from certain point to a certain place. That is to say we are Domestic Tourism agents. And also, we do sell airplane ticket and high-speed train ticket. In addition to all these, I can say that our main work is accommodation. Apart from these, we organize domestic and foreign tours and their accommodations and car rental business. Furthermore, we offer health tourism.

How long have you been working in this field?
I have been working for 8 months. However, I have been dealing with tourism business actively for almost 10 years.

How did you decide to do this job?
As a matter of fact, I graduated from the department of Tourism, Travel and Agency which is the school of this job. At the same time, it is a job that I like. Once, I was already working in another agency.

What are the difficulties of your job?
The most difficult side of my job is the busy period that we encounter. We have a difficulty in finding a place for our customers in the most busy period especially in summer season. And also, the delay of tour and transfer planes due to the weather conditions is the leading difficulty that we encounter.

Who supported you to do this job?
First of all, my family supported me materially and spiritually from the beginning of the process until now. My co-partner, the owner of Yaman Building, offered me to do this job.Consequently, we started this job with the material support of my co-partner and my experiences in this field. Thus, I did not use to take Bank borrowing.

Ara you happy with your work materially and spiritually?
When we first started this job, we were not satisfied with the process of establishment as it is seen in every company, but now, it does. That is, we think that we receive the recompense for our work. Firstly, we love our job, and we do our work enthusiastically. We meet so many people. We are working hard in order to succeed for our prestige. In addition, our agency is connected to a large company that serves throughout Turkey and this provides us respectability.

Do you receive feedback from your customers?  
Firstly, I can say that customer dissatisfaction is minute amount. We know and understand how a holiday our customers want. First we learn the district that our customers prefer and or the place where they took holiday before. Besides,we know all the institutions for which we work because we go and see them. At the beginning of the season, we visit all the hotels thanks to the info tours arranged by Jolly Tour (the agency of Sabri, editor’s note) general centre. Thus, the hotels we recommend to our customers would be the ones that we really know.

The tours that we arrange to abroad, are our pocket tours and they have a certain standart. If we come to your question about feedback, we call all our guests at the end of the travel and poll the satisfactation level. Already we owe the 99% of our success to this. Besides all these although we work as 3-4 persons in this agency that you see , there is a team of 300-400 persons in the centre of this job. We have offices in all countries that we arrange tours in abroad. We have a working agent in each hotel. All these bring us in to the forefront in customer satisfaction.

How do you see the future of your job?
From our point of view, we see its future promising. Our goal is to be the best among 110 tourism agencies that do this job in Konya. Although, technological developments such as internet seem to be negative for our job in the future, in my opinion, depending on the trust that is given to people for a good holiday and satisfaction still and in the future, our job is promising a good future.

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