When investing money becomes important to increase time

A success case of a Portuguese business angel investment for the health sector now out-looking internationalization

In a world of economic crisis, the health sector has never been so alluring for investors that are striving to develop innovative solutions that respond to challenges such as ageing, less-evasive diagnosis and treatments and reduction of costs.

Whether being at home or in the hospital, monitoring of vital signals of any individual or patient allows for a better accompaniment of their clinical condition and a more efficient (and less timely) response to their needs. With this concept in mind, which one may find it rather simple, Increase Time, a Portuguese technology-based startup was born, promising to promote quality in informal health care for the elderly and for people with some degree of dependence by developing innovative solutions based on wireless networks.

Raquel Sousa, one of the four investors that have launched KeepCare, a homecare support solution which actively contributes to improve the quality of life, comfort and safety of the elderly, whether they live by themselves, with their spouses and relatives or in a residential care home, highlights that “One of the reasons why we have developed home solutions was the fact that we wanted to enhance an autonomous lifestyle for the elderly and chronically ill patients. On the other hand, the quality of life, comfort and health care of our relatives are a constant matter of concern and are challenges that we intend to meet.”

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The system developed by IncreaseTime and funded by IndexTalent’s business angels allows constant monitoring of the people’s health, providing the relatives with real-time information and, above all, tranquility.

Raquel Sousa believes that telemetrics applied to the health sector is an area of great potential for growth. “It was thanks to IndexTalent funding that we were able to successfully materialize our technology and thus to launch a service that facilitates quick assistance in emergencies through continuous monitoring of individual’s health state and location. With the validation of KeepCare in a real environment and having obtained a very positive feedback from the end-users, the product is ready to enter in the national and international market.

For further information, please visit: http://www.increasetime.pt

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