Internationalization comes nowadays as part of the future plans in most start-ups, although not quite realistic or close in time enough; many companies do not totally understand the implications and preparation needed to take profit of the opportunity to internationalize when it actually appears in front of them.

International relationships and investments are utterly practical for the majority of entrepreneurships all around the world. It gives the company the possibility to get access to opportunities based on the shared knowledge of the international partners on other countries, both in looking for new investors and studying new business opportunities and markets.

It is not an unusual situation nowadays to have investors from different parts of the same country in a company, and soon it will be considered normal as well to invest on other countries and to have foreign investors, on a great basis because of globalization. Additionally, multi-nationality inside the company can help the start-ups improve their business and success in a broader number of countries thanks to the combined knowledge. The world is turning into a global system which makes even more necessary a vision inside the company capable to adapt to this new situation, instead of the regional and country focused way of thinking that used to lead the business expansion and projects.

Being prepared for international relations can also be the perfect way for a start-up to acquire the funding needed. International investors are becoming a regular piece of many start-ups, and looking for this kind of investment can help in many cases an entrepreneurship acquire enough funding to turn from a little, regional and likely to fail company to an international and successful firm.

Information obtained from Loogic.com (last consulted on Feb 2, 2016) “Las conexiones internacionales son fundamentales para el futuro de tu start-up” Javier Martin (24-11-2015) available online at http://loogic.com/las-conexiones-internacionales-son-fundamentales-para-el-futuro-de-tu-startup/

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